Peter Obi/ ASAKE Two Million March in Kaduna state.


The member of the labour party and supporters of the Peter Obi movement in Kaduna are already set to March the street in their number as campaign kicks off.

just as it has happened in other states around the country including the federal capital territory,The Kaduna people are set for the street rally which is to take place in 1st October in show of their love and support for the growth of Nigeria.

Due to the confidence of the Kaduna labour party movement, they have decided to tag there’s as Two Million March.

The Kaduna State 2Million Man March would hold simultaneously in the 3 Senatorial Zones on 1st October 2022.
For Zone 1 (Zaria), the commencement time is by 7:30AM and the route is Kwangila Flyover.
For Kaduna Central Zone the commencement time is by 7:30am.

  1. Those from the Southern flank will converge at Command Junction and March to Ahmadu Bello Stadium
  2. Those at the Northern flank will converge at Lugard Hall and March to Ahmadu Bello Stadium.
    Additional Routes maybe added if necessary.
    Let’s all unite to ensure the success of the Mega March in Kaduna Town.
    Central Planning Committee

List of things to bring along for the 2 million march

  • A small bag and/or backpack (especially backpack so your hands can be free).
  • Bottle or Sachet Water for hydration.
  • Hat or sunglasses or fez caps.
  • Handkerchief or face towel and wet wipes (baby wipes).
  • Wear suitable clothes that are not too tight, warm (if it gets hot) or too exposed (if it gets cold).
  • Comfortable walking shoes not heels or slippers that can cut easily.
  • Charge your phone fully before coming and get a power bank. You cannot afford to be offline when others are posting live pictures.
  • Some cash, small change and your debit card. Put each in a different pocket or bag. You might need to buy something.
  • Your ID card and a note with your next of kin or important persons to call in case of emergency. Write down any allergies if you have, blood type and phone number of your personal doctor if you have.
  • A pack of Panadol, paracetamol or other pain relief tabs or other medications that you are taking. If you are asthmatic, carry your inhaler, if diabetic carry your insulin, if you have high blood pressure carry your drugs.
  • For women extra hair bands or rubber bands to tie your hair, wig or braids. Please visit the salon before the rally. Dirty hair + sweat will cause itching & irritation, not to talk about some smelly hair or wig.
  • Nylon (polyethylene) raincoat in case it rains. Umbrella if possible but it might get lost if not used.
  • Flags or banners of your choice to be made before arriving at the venue. You might forget what you intended to inscribe if you do it at the venue.
  • Ladies should carry extra tampons or pads and small pack tissue paper. Carry scarf or small wrapper in case you get stained.
  • Small snacks you can eat for energy as you walk like gala, chocolate bars, meat pies, biscuits, apples etc.
  • Hand sanitizer cos you will touch a lot of people you don’t want to get an infection.
  • Get a new memory card for your phone. You will take lots of pictures and videos. This will fill up your memory very quickly.
  • Load your phone with airtime and data. You will make calls and use social media. You may need to make an emergency call too.
  • Get at least one walking buddy. Do not walk alone! You will need someone to snap pictures with your phone (strangers can run away with your phone). You need someone to lean on when you’re tired and someone who can walk at a similar pace with you if you are exhausted. Do not break away from your partner. You can get lost easily in a crowd.
  • Do not crowd each other. Give at minimum an arm’s length gap between you and the person in front of you. This is important as air circulation is very necessary. If you are below 4 feet tall, do not put yourself tightly in the middle of people. You could suffocate.
  • Please bath or shower, brush your teeth, chew mint gum and use DEODORANT or BODY SPRAY before coming out. Body odor and mouth smell can be very offensive. There will be lots of singing, shouting and screaming. Personal hygiene is critical. Don’t kill people with an offensive smell.
  • Do not shout or blow your trumpet into people’s ears, spit into people’s faces as you talk or clean your sweat and flick it to others.
  • Pray before leaving your house for a peaceful and safe rally 🙏🏾.

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